Asian Sausages

When I think of Hmong/Asian sausages I think of the local Hmong Town, July 4th tournaments and Hmong New Years events. Typically the main entrees are roasted chicken thighs and sausages with sticky rice. You’ll also find sour mangos with dried pepper flakes. Something I could never really get on board because I simply cannot handle spice. My Mom always told me that, literally translating: “I don’t know what’s good.” I just have a different taste pallet! I love you Mom 🙂

I had a hard time finding a sausage that I really enjoyed. It’s always a hit and miss for a good sausage. My Mom used to make her own sausages but making sausages just took so much time. (She has 8 kids!) Never the less, my sister, Pa (translates to Flower in Hmong), recommended me the Mekong sausage. She got it at my local Asian market, Golden Harvest, so I went there. I’m so grateful I talked to my sister. This sausage brings me back to when my Mom made her sausages. They delicious and the ginger stands out. I think that was what was missing in all those sausages I had before.

What is your favorite brand? If you’ve never had one, let me know how you like it when you give it a try! 

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