Pork and Bak Choy Soup

I can remember my Mom always working so hard to make food for my family. 8 kids! I have no idea how my parents did it but they did. Coming from a very poor country to the United States was difficult. I remember them telling me stories of life before the U.S and it was crazy and silly sometimes. 

What I love is that they brought with them their food. Hmong people lived in the mountains of Laos, China and Vietnam. My parents in particular are from Laos. After the Vietnam War they fled to Thailand, learning new kinds of food, and then to the United States learning even more food! 

But the most simple foods are the ones they always made. The ones that reminded them of their lives before. The ones that just added salt.


  • Pork Butt (some people like pork belly)
  • Baby Bak Choy
  • Salt to taste


Chop up the pork in about 1 inch or so thick pieces. Some people really like the skin and fat and some people don’t. It is recommended to keep some of the fat on to keep the meat tender.

Add water to a large pot. Once it’s boiling add in the meat. The water amount is usually estimated. I like to go about an inch or two above the meat.

While the water is boiling, rinse the Bak Choy. Make sure to get all the dirt out. You can cut the Bak Choy into 1 inch or larger pieces. In my case, since the Bak Choy were so small already, I simply broke them in half. Set aside until the pork is ready. 

Make sure to scoop out the foam before adding the Bak Choy. Add in salt. Let it the Bak Choy cook for about 5-7 minutes or till the stems are translucent. Taste to see if it’s salty enough. If not, go tsp by tsp so you don’t over salt. 

And that my friends, is it! It takes about 10-15 minutes to prep and another 15 minutes to cook. Most Hmong people will add in a side of pepper which consists of Thai Chili peppers, garlic salt and fish sauce. I don’t like spice so I don’t ever make it. Never the less, it’s been engrained in my brain how to make it for my 9 family members. 

Well that is it for today. Enjoy and let me know how you like the soup!

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